24 December 2012

Dia daoibh!

Here we go everyone!! It's Christmas Eve!!! Well at least it is here in Ireland! I wanted to make sure to do a quick post today to wish all my readers a very Happy and Safe Christmas and also for New Years! I want to thank anyone who has ever read or commented on one of my blog-posts  I have seen and replied to almost every single one as I love interacting with you all.

To those of you who are also subbed to me on You Tube, thank you for that also as I am currently on an incredible number of over 550!! Thanks for watching and commenting.

12 December 2012

Dia Daoibh!

So I've just added a new video to my >You Tube Channel<Not teaching, just showing you how I did my make up which was requested. I would love some feedback on this vid in particular as it is my first proper"makeup tutorial" style video.

Leave some feedback on the makeup look itself or even about the lighting, quality, editing, improvement tips etc?

 Please comment and let me know what you think about the look and the video in general :)

Thanks everyone :)

11 December 2012

08 December 2012

Dia daoibh!

I say the above in all my posts. I'm Irish and I like being so. I also love to try and support Irish brands which is why today I am excited to be reviewing an Irish scent. The product in question is from Inis. Now I have heard of Inis before. My mother has had a few of their products and if I'm being completely honest I thought it was more of a mature lady scent and not something I would necessarily go for. I was wrong.

27 November 2012

Dia daoibh.

This morning I received a package. I love receiving a package before I head to work. It get's my day off to a good start!

This mornings package was quite interesting. From the dead giveaway cheesy photo above, you might have worked out that I received a Joliebox. Now hold on Irish ladies, don't get too excited yet. Here's the lowdown of what's going on if you haven't already heard.

26 November 2012

Dia daoibh!

For the past while I have been trying out a new lip product. When it comes to the Autumn Winter months Lip care is very near the the top of my beauty regime! My lips become very dry and crack quite easily so I constantly have various products on the go. 
Recently I have been trying out a lip balm from You Organic, an Irish organic cosmetic and skincare company. The Natural Cosmetic range was founded by Ursula Elmes - a Dublin based practicing Acupuncturist and Holistic Skin Therapist after she suffered a severe dermatological reaction to a well known brand. All of her products are gentle on skin, sourced from fair trade suppliers, contains no nasty chemicals and against animal testing plus she uses her own blend of essential oils and herbs. For sale on her website and selected stockists are body lotions, face cream, candles and of course the following lipbalm.

19 November 2012

Morning All.

This morning I was greeted by my November 2012 Glossybox. The theme for this months box is "Stocking Fillers". This seems appropriate because believe it or not, Christmas Morning is only 35 days away!!  For anyone considering signing up, this might be of help to you to decide whether or not you think it's worth it. Here's a quick look over what I received. 

09 November 2012

Dia daoibh!

When it comes to body washes I usually use two when I shower! As odd as that sounds, I have a reason for it! The skin on my arms is sensitive. If I use a very chemically or perfumed product I'm left with red patches all over my arms, and they tend to dry out too. Therefore I use sensitive, non scented products on my arms. But I like smelling nice after a shower, what's the point in a shower otherwise; hence the second product which I use on the rest of my body so I leave the shower smelling luuuvlay!!

I was recently sent the brand new Dove Crème Mousse Deeply Nourishing Body Wash to try out and here are my thoughts.

07 November 2012

Dia Daoibh!

Last night I attended the >INGLOT< Blogger event in Limerick that was taking place to give us a sneak peek  into some of the new products coming out. I was delighted to receive a complementary goodie bag and of course being the INGLOT fangirl that I am, I also purchased some products on the night!
I took some snaps to share with you all so here we go!

01 November 2012

Dia daoibh!

I have new hair!!! Well; not new hair, but a new colour!! Have a read of >THIS POST< to see lots of before and after pics! I visited Peter Mark Salon in the Crescent Shopping Centre where Marcella revamped my hair. She was wonderfully helpful and thorough whilst doing my hair so I highly recommend her to anyone. Here's how I went from A to D!

My hair is naturally very dark brown. I have been visiting salons and dying my own hair for years.... I'm talking about 10 years so as you can image  there was A LOT of colour build up so there were different bands of stubborn colour in my hair. I also had roots as I was purposely leaving it grow out. Although not very obvious in photos, in person I had 4 different bands of colour in my hair so obviously this was gong to cause a problem if I wanted to go lighter. It all needed to be evened out before dying so I had my hair "stripped" or "cleansed" as it's known professionally.
Marcella used a water cleanse on me. There is also a full on cleanse which can be quite damaging so she wanted to avoid this if at all possible....
Dia daoibh!

As some of you may know if you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, yesterday, I went to get my hair done. I had an idea in my head that I wanted to go lighter to a light copper auburn shade. Have a read of >THIS POST< to get a step by step journey! I visited Peter Mark Salon in the Crescent Shopping Centre after being lucky enough to capture a "bubble" from the new INOA App that L'Oreal released to promote their new hair colouring system. My colourist and stylist on the day was Marcella who really done a wonderful job. To be honest I have heard both positive and negative reviews about Peter Mark Salons, but my experience was a great one. I was welcomed and Marcella went through what I wanted, she gave me her opinions and bit by bit my new hair came together. Here are some (lots of pics).

I started off with dark brown which had a reddish plum tint to it and it gradually fell down to an ombre'd copper kind of colour. Here is the before and after!!
And some more up close pics...

21 October 2012

Dia daoibh!

Below is a video show you how I got on with the Myleene Klass Nails. I have one pack to giveaway here on my blog and another from >My You Tube Channel< You can enter both, just leave a comment below this blog post or in the comments under >my video on You Tube<.
Please be a follower of my blog/subscribed to my YouTube to be entered :) Open internationally. If you are under 18 please seek parental permission. Giveaway closed Sunday 28th October 2012 12pm GMT.

Update: 30/10/12
Blog winner : Sophie
You Tube Winner: amyoc27
Thank you everyone who entered :)

The above product was sent to me for free from the Myleene Klass PR Team for reviewing purposes. All opinions above are completely my own, 100% honest thoughts on the products. 

18 September 2012

Dia daoibh!

Today I’m going to speak to you about my 1-2 month experience with Viviscal Maximum Strength. Viviscal is the world's leading brand of dietary supplements for the treatment of reversible thinning hair and hair loss for both men and women and good news to add to that; it’s made here in Ireland,

You take 2 tablets daily with food. It’s recommended to take them for a minimum of 6 months or until the desired results have been achieved. Now priced at €49.95 for a one month supply I know this will not appeal to all. I took them on and off over two months and here is the growth difference in my hair....

17 September 2012

Dia daoibh.

One of the newest and most exciting hair colourant products in my opinion is on shelves now.  L'Oreal Paris Préférence Wild Ombrés  is "the first ever mass market dip dye". In the past 2-3 years in particular Ombré and Balayage have been huge. I myself have dabbled and am still rocking the two toned style. In the past it has been possible to DIY it at home using bleach/peroxide products. I'm aware that these two word scare the life out of people so I therefore believe that L'Oreal have made a great move at producing this product. 

08 September 2012

Dia daoibh

Last week Lisa Eldridge uploaded >THIS< video to her YouTube Channel about something very excited indeed. She is the Creative Director of Boots Brand No7 and she shared with her viewers that for the past few years they have been working on something very special. The whole brand has had a huge re-vamp with new products, new packaging, new stands and lots more. 

One of THEE most exciting things about this relaunch is the introduction of the No 7 Foundation Match Made Service. This is free service which is available in UK & Irish stores, which will match you to your exact No7 foundation shade. Here's how it works. 

07 September 2012

*** Spoilers alert!!! ***

Dia daoibh!

This morning I received my very first She Said Beauty box in the post. I was subscribed to Glossybox previously and quite liked it, but wanted to see what another company in the same field had to offer. Below is Septembers She Said Beauty Box

Packaging....fab! Same size as the Glossybox but it has a magnetic hinged lid instead. As you can see it's a beautiful turquoise colour.

03 September 2012

Dia daobh!

Apologies for the lack of regular updates. You would seriously not believe the amount of technology failure I have been experiencing!! So far in the past month I have had to purchase a new Laptop, camera and today.... phone! I will seriously be having a September Saving Session! I may be lacking in funds but ironically I have a little giveaway for my readers today.

20 August 2012

Dia daoibh!

So recently I've been getting more and more into skin care. I love a scrub with microbeads in it. I love to feel a scrub getting right into my pores and cleaning and refreshing my skin. I tend to overlook clear gel facial washes as I don't feel they fully cleanse my skin, but by doing this am I missing out on a whole range of products!!? Enter The Body Shop's Facial Buffer.

16 August 2012

Dia daoibh!

Super quick post today with a handy little tip for Irish ladies shopping on ASOS. As many of you are aware the exchange rate of the £ and € leaves us Irish ladies more out of pocket. I'm sure we've all been in the situation, be it shopping online or in store, where you see the £ sign first and the product seems like a bargain..... until you realise it's the wrong currency :( "I want the £ price!!!!" I heard myself think when I saw the below set for what I thought was €19. Turn's out it's £19 or €27.01. But when converting £ to € it's directly should be about €24.30

Well let me share my little discovery with you.

31 July 2012

Dia daoibh!

Hope you're all well. Just wanted to write a quick update post (Fitz Bitz). As you may have noticed, as of late my post have been..... irregular (to say the least!) Apologies for this. My laptop is dying a slow death (you can see a pic below!) and unfortunately for my pocket I will have  to purchase a new one. Fingers crossed this will be happening soon! When I do get sorted with my new equipment I'm hoping to get into a scheduled/regualar blogging routine. Perhaps a new post every 2-3 days. Once I get doing it it will be great, it's just getting started that's the hard part. Same goes for other things in my life such as saving, dieting etc. I'm sure most of you know what I mean.

I also aim to be quite regular with my You Tube Channel, hoping to upload every Thursday. Fingers crossed this all goes to plan!!

Other than that I'm going to show you some snaps of my life over the past while. Here we go!

I was very happy to be asked to write for RSVP Magazine Online. Here is a pic of my piece. HERE it is live  on their website.

Holidays in Donegal
I climbed Europe's Highest Sea Cliffs - Slieve League..... It was tough to say the least!! We visited Donegal Town, Letterkenny, Killybegs, Dungloe and many more places around Donegal. It was a fabulous break away :)
The most beautiful sunset I have ever seen - Narin, Co. Donegal.

Boat Ride from Sliabh Liag Boat Trips. We weren't lucky enough to see much wildlife like dolphins but it was a beautiful experience nonetheless.
If you follow me on Instagram, you may be aware that I LOVE snapping pics of my food! Here are some nommy treats!
 And finally here are some randomers!

Here are a few of my latest videos:

Hope everyone is doing well. Fingers crossed I get blogging and vlogging more regularly!


24 July 2012

 Dia daoibh!

I'm very happy to announce that the below post that I wrote was featured in RSVP Magazine Website HERE :)

Think Lips. Think perhaps Angelina Jolie lips. I’m sure she doesn’t just lather on the lipstick or lip-gloss without prepping. No matter the size or plumpness of your lips, they will look 100 times better if you have prepped before applying your fav colour. Scrubs and plumpers are all well and good, but what your lips really need to look the beez kneez is for them to be well moisturised. Enter Lip Balms!! Here are a few for you to consider.

The Handmade Soap Company Lip Balm

It’s not just soaps that the Irish brand The Handmade Soap Company makes. They produce a whole range of 100% natural skin/ body products, including lip balms. Here I have the 'Au Natural with Rosehip Oil' and ‘Calendula & Orange’ ones. I expected the former to be rose scented but I was wrong. I guess that's what they meant by "au natural" as this baby was unscented. It was mega hard to get any product onto my finger to use. Swirling my finger simply did not suffice so I ended up having to scoop bits up with my nail... ick! I much prefer the Calendula & Orange flavour. Although this too is a bit hard to work with, it seems to have slight little bits in it which smooth out onto the lips and the orange scent is scrummy.  It also comes in a Choco Mint Scent.
As you can see it's in a little metal tin (smaller than a Vaseline tin) but because it contains natural oils, more goodness is packed in so I wouldn't let the size put you off. If you’re one for natural ingredients, these ones may be for you.
€4.50 from thehandmadesoapcompany.ie

Eau Thermale Avène Cold Cream Lip cream

Avène is a French Skincare brand highly focused and centered around Avène Thermal Spring Water and its soothing properties. It works. It's as simple as that.  After some harsh weather a few months ago, my lips were left cracked, very tight, dry and flaky looking. It took 2-3 days for my lips to go from that to almost back to normal. When I applied the lip cream there was immediate relief. It's not sticky in the least. It has quite a smooth almost creamy consistency. It has a slight scent. I would describe it as having a..... baby smell! Yano, like baby wipes, baby powder, that kind of smell! It's thick and colour-less. Rarely has a product worked this fast for me when they are so dehydrated so I was genuinely surprised at the quick results
Very simple and clean looking, squeezy tube, hygienic packaging.
It retails at €10.17 for 15ml. It is on the pricier side, but personally when it comes to my lips aching for some relief, I would be willing to spend that! It should be available in various pharmacies in Ireland but if there is a Unicare near you, have a look there first.

Carmex Moisture Plus

Carmex is a cult classic and adored by many (including me!) Some ingredients worth noting in their newest balm are vitamin E and aloe so it will help to nourish and moisturise lips, along with SPF15. As you can see, this one has a pinky/peach colour. I have to say I'm not crazy about the smell. It does have a peachy smell, but to me personally it's a bit sickley. It has a very slight tingle like the original formulations but much milder. It's very moisturising and adds shine and a small tint to the lips. I wasn't entirely blown away mainly because I was a bit disappointed with the smell. It's always nice to see a brand branching out and trying new things though, so thumbs up to Carmex for that!
The packaging of these products has completely changed from the usual yellow and red to a sleeker looking nudish/silver tube. This new stick is much thinner and has a slant applicator
Carmex Moisture Plus is widely available throughout Ireland from all leading pharmacies and selected grocery outlets for the RRP of €5.98

Vaseline Lip Therapy with Cocoa Butter

This does smell gorg!! I find Vaseline Lip Therapy an “ok” product. It adds moisture to the lips but doesn’t hydrate them; more so just acts as a barrier to the cold weather or heat. Meh! That’s about it really, cheap and cheerful and easy to source if you’re stuck!
Same as all the others, small, metal tin which you swirl on your finger to apply.
For €1.99 in pharmacies and shops nationwide, it’s a steal and worth it if you’re stuck on those harsh cold days.


26 June 2012

Dia daoibh!
So, recently BeautyEmporium.ie teamed up with BoardsDeals.ie to off their customers a fantastic offer - €10 for a €20 voucher to use on the website to buy what every you want!!? Hallo!!? I was straight on this and bought one for myself. I also bought one for one of my readers, so hence this post!

It will be a FLASH Giveaway meaning it will only be open for a few days - until Friday 29th, as there is currently free shipping on the website and I want my winner to avail of that also!!

Go forth and enter

NOTE: Open Internationally. Winner will be chosen at random by the Host Rafflecopter System. Please be a follower of my blog via GFC, HelloCotton or BlogLovin :)

Giveaway now CLOSED!!!

The winner randomly selected by the rafflecopter system is.......
"Makeup Monster" 
who's twitter entry has won her a €20 Beauty Emporium Voucher!
Thanks to everyone for entering :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

23 June 2012

Dia daoibh!

So I was recently invited to the INGLOT Mid-Summer Madness Event in the Crescent Shopping Centre in Limerick. INGLOT is a brand I have raved about in the past and they continue to impress me. One thing that was happening at the event was the launch of the Colour Play Mascaras. Colour.... mascaras!!? Yep, breath, don't panic, it's not as scary as it sounds!

22 June 2012

Dia daoibh.

So today's post will be part two of my "Share the love" series. Part one including Irish Beauty Bloggers is HERE if you would like to take a peek. 

This time I have compiled a list of  (51)Irish ladies who make beauty and fashion videos on You Tube. You Tube videos and blogging seems to go hand in hand a lot of the time so I thought this might be of interest to a lot of people. You can click on each person's purple name in the video to be brought straight to their channel. Alternatively the list of everyone is below. Here we go:)

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading/watching :)

EDIT: Just noticed that the thumbnail for the video is...... me!! Sooo strange that out of 51 of us that it turned out to be me!!


18 June 2012

Dia daoibh.

Today I want to "share the love". Over the past 6 months to a year, the online Irish beauty community has grown and become more popular than ever before. Social media these days is a huge part to aid blogging and I wanted to take it one step further. Below you will find a video including 48 Irish Bloggers. Some you may know of, some you may not. I love discovering fellow Irish bloggers and wanted to take this opportunity to share with everyone else.
Thank you to everyone who sent in their pictures and link and for being a part of this. If you weren't included in this particular video, please leave a comment below so that everyone else can check you out. Please feel free to share this post so that everyone can discover someone new :)


12 June 2012

Dia daoibh.

Some people have their "Holy Grail" products. This meaning a product that you can count on and come back to again and again. I don't have many of them, as I like change. I love to try out different products and don't always stick to the same colours, brands etc. When it comes to skincare this changes slightly, as too much change can be overwhelming on skin.

One product however, I would class as one of my few "Holy Grails" and would like to review is St. Ives Apricot Facial Scrub. Now this baby is not for the faint hearted.

31 May 2012

Dia daoibh.

I recently had the chance to try out something I probably would have overlooked if I saw it in the shop. VOYA (an Irish, Sligo based company) strive to bring the full power of nature in its purest forms throughout their range of seaweed-based organic skincare products and treatments. They pride themselves as being the first genuinely organic seaweed-based cosmetic products in the world.

Renowned for its detoxing and skin moisturising effects, hand-harvested seaweed is used in their bath products. Rejuvenating and repairing effects come from

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