30 July 2011

Hey everyone.
So I'm here to speak about my hair again!! Yes I have dyed it!! I did really like the result of my LAST ADVENTURE, I decided it was time to go again. I may have mentioned that the colour over time was fading. Well actually it was more "changing" than "fading"! I started getting roots and also my hair was looking dry - although it wasn't necessarily feeling dry which is kind of weird. 
So when the opportunity arose for me to try the new AVON hair dyes, I jumped at the chance. I was contacted by the PR reps for Avon and offered to try out the 'Advance Techniques Professional Hair Colour'. I chose the colour '6.56 Light Mahogany Red' (which I recently noticed that Samantha from PIXIWOO used also!!
 I waited until I came home from Holidays in Donegal as I wanted it to be freshly coloured for my photoshoot!!! (I will blog!) So here is what is included in the pack.
1 - Pre Treatment
2A - Developer Lotion
2B - Creme Colourant
3 - Post Treatment
So basically the same as what you would find in any at home hair colouring kit - apart from the Pre Treatment sachet. This is a white lotion to prep your hair for the colourant so that it applys evenly and more vividly. This smelt lovely and left my hair looking as follows
The developer and colourant mixed to a purple colour which surprised me a bit and gave me the impression my hair would turn out more plumish than reddish, but it didn't, so don't worry if it looks a strange colour or if it seems to darken a lot on your hair.
Now here is the only thing that I wasn't too impressed with - even though it's not major!! The mixture seemed to separate a lot. I had to keep shaking it up so that it was all mixed in properly as I was nervous that if I didn't, some parts might be different colours to the rest. This is probably the only "negative" I have to say about the product, which would not put me off in the slightest really, but I just said I'd mention it.
I left the colour in for 30 minutes, hopped in the shower and used the post treatment. If you have ever used any of the Advance Techniques Shampoos or Conditioners; that is what this smells like (which is good btw!!) And here is the final outcome! 

I was delighted with it. I have been this type of colour before and I really do love it. As you can see; it turned out super shiney and it was so soft also! Perfect!! With regards how much you'll need, the mixture seems to blend really well and covered a lot at once for some reason. It's like it glided on and smoothened out to cover more that any other home colourant I have used so I ended up only using 1&1/2 bottles. It also claims to have 100% grey coverage but I can't comment on that.... yet!!

Each pack is currently €8, and also at the moment if you order any colour you get a free Colour Protection Lock In Treatment worth €6.50! Make sure to keep an eye on the catalogues as there are always brilliant deals, be it reduced prices or free gifts! Click HERE to have a browse thorough the current one.

Here are more of the colours available from the range: (Click for a closer look)

 FYI Fergie used this one!! 

 As I said I am really happy with the result and am definitely impressed with Avon's first go at introducing their hair colouring range. Will you be trying it??

Laura xo

As I mentioned, I was sent these products by Avons PR Team to try out for myself. I was not asked to review them, but decided to do so myself, as I was so pleased with the outcome. This is my first time reviewing something that was sent to me for free on my blog and I want to let you know that I promise to always be completely honest in my reviews if I am to do so again. I'm not afraid to say if something is terrible and if something is, I sure will let you know! :)

20 July 2011

Hi All.
 So I’m back from my 2 weeks  Hols. Perhaps you didn’t know I was gone? Well I was!! Snap back to reality now but I came across quite a dreamy offer!!! It’s for Yankee Candles. One of the online Irish sites are having a 40% sale on a lot of their fragrances!! Here’s some of the offers!

Large Jar
(Glass jar with air tight lid which locks the fragrance in when not in use. Burn time - 110-150 hours)

Yankee.ie Sale Price : €15.00

Retail Price : €26.50

Medium Jars

Yankee.ie Sale Price : €12.00

Retail Price : €21.50

Small Jar

Yankee.ie Sale Price : €6.50

Retail Price : €11.50

Large 2 Wick Tumbler

(With 2 wicks, the tumbler will burn a little faster, but will also burn cleaner and give a stronger fragrance. Burn Time - Up to 85 hours)

Yankee.ie Sale Price : €15.00

Yankee.ie Retail Price : €25.95

Medium 2 Wick Tumbler

Yankee.ie Sale Price : €12.00

Retail Price : €19.95

In case you are wondering - here are the 3 different sizes of jars in comparison to each other! I always wondered this myself when I wasn't familiar with the brand!

Click HERE to have a look at the online store where this offer is available!

Speak soon

Laura xo

08 July 2011

Hi Ladies.

Here are some jewellery bits and bobs I brought off ebay. I bidded on all of these items so prices vary.

Here are some up close pics. This lot are from HERE



Here is my second order:

These first two came from the same seller as above HERE

This lot came from HERE



HERE is the ring sizer I printed out to find out what size I was. Have you ever ordered jewellery from ebay?

Laura xo

04 July 2011


Quick post today to show you what I'm wearing. Kind of boring but it'c comfy and I quite like it!

Hightop Runners from Penneys - €9

Jeggings - local shop!
T-Shirt - local shop! (sorry-haha!)
Pearl Earrings from Penneys - around €3 I think
Watch from Next & bracelet as part of a set from Dorethy Perkins
Left rings from Argos & right ring from ebay. Vid & blog post coming soon
On my nails (fake ones btw!) i'm wearing Revlon 093 Tropical Temptation
I had my hair in plaits so it's wavy and then pinned back two small side plaits.

Laura xo
Speak soon!

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