18 September 2012

Dia daoibh!

Today I’m going to speak to you about my 1-2 month experience with Viviscal Maximum Strength. Viviscal is the world's leading brand of dietary supplements for the treatment of reversible thinning hair and hair loss for both men and women and good news to add to that; it’s made here in Ireland,

You take 2 tablets daily with food. It’s recommended to take them for a minimum of 6 months or until the desired results have been achieved. Now priced at €49.95 for a one month supply I know this will not appeal to all. I took them on and off over two months and here is the growth difference in my hair....

17 September 2012

Dia daoibh.

One of the newest and most exciting hair colourant products in my opinion is on shelves now.  L'Oreal Paris Préférence Wild Ombrés  is "the first ever mass market dip dye". In the past 2-3 years in particular Ombré and Balayage have been huge. I myself have dabbled and am still rocking the two toned style. In the past it has been possible to DIY it at home using bleach/peroxide products. I'm aware that these two word scare the life out of people so I therefore believe that L'Oreal have made a great move at producing this product. 

08 September 2012

Dia daoibh

Last week Lisa Eldridge uploaded >THIS< video to her YouTube Channel about something very excited indeed. She is the Creative Director of Boots Brand No7 and she shared with her viewers that for the past few years they have been working on something very special. The whole brand has had a huge re-vamp with new products, new packaging, new stands and lots more. 

One of THEE most exciting things about this relaunch is the introduction of the No 7 Foundation Match Made Service. This is free service which is available in UK & Irish stores, which will match you to your exact No7 foundation shade. Here's how it works. 

07 September 2012

*** Spoilers alert!!! ***

Dia daoibh!

This morning I received my very first She Said Beauty box in the post. I was subscribed to Glossybox previously and quite liked it, but wanted to see what another company in the same field had to offer. Below is Septembers She Said Beauty Box

Packaging....fab! Same size as the Glossybox but it has a magnetic hinged lid instead. As you can see it's a beautiful turquoise colour.

03 September 2012

Dia daobh!

Apologies for the lack of regular updates. You would seriously not believe the amount of technology failure I have been experiencing!! So far in the past month I have had to purchase a new Laptop, camera and today.... phone! I will seriously be having a September Saving Session! I may be lacking in funds but ironically I have a little giveaway for my readers today.

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