31 January 2017

Dia daoibh!
Today's post is one that was requested by lots of you on my >SNAPCHAT< and one that I myself am very excited about! I introduce to you..... The Happiness Planner.
The Happiness Planner is a diary/journal that embraces the power of positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development.  Basically, the concept of the planner is to simply focus on what makes you happy. 
To me, writing things down on paper is quite therapeutic and by filling in a page of the journal each day, it will become a habit of focusing and embracing happiness.  Each day there are sections for goal setting and organisation, self reflection and gratitude journalling.  
The blue Happiness Planner I chose - Serenity & Rose Quartz - came beautifully presented in a sturdy, matching gift box together with a divine rose gold pen and clips to keep your sections organised.  
It was also joined by separate goal setting lists, resolutions, vision board template and more.  These can also be printed for free from the website >HERE< and >HERE<
As a huge stationery fan, this stood out to me in a big way.  The Happiness Planner is aesthetically pleasing while also being hugely beneficial for organising your day to day life and encouraging a positive outlook. 
As you can see, the planer is spiral bound - ideal for desk writing.  As the planner is quite hefty, it's not one to carry with with you on a day to day basis; more so one to be filled out each morning and evening at home.  
Throughout the planner, you will find positive life quotes on the top of each page.  There is an overview section  at the beginning of each month and also a review/reflection section at the end of the month (and year).  
Where to buy and how much
The Happiness Planner comes in different varieties and colours.  This particular version (January to December) is the biggest of the planners (as it is to be filled out daily),  There are also smaller, weekly and 100 day versions available for cheaper.  
I bought mine direct from The Happiness Planner website >HERE< and used promo/discount code POSITIVETHINKING for 5% off. Ive since found out that code POSITIVEATTITUDE or BRANDMENTALIST will get you 10% off so your planner will come down to around €40/£34!! It worked out at being the cheapest place to by from despite it being posted from the UK (super fast delivery) The planner came to and €53/£46 including shipping but you can get yours using the BRANDMENTALIST code for €51/£44 including shipping!

  It's also available within Ireland (Excluding shipping) from:
 The Dotty Lemon for €55 >HERE<
Moss Cottage for €50 >HERE<
Meaghers Pharmacy have the smaller, 52 Week Planner (€39) and 100 Day Planner (€27)  >HERE<
I'm super excited about starting my Happiness Planner journey! Any questions, just >TWEET ME< or message me on >FACEBOOK< or >SNAPCHAT< (FitznBitz).


23 January 2017

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