30 June 2011


Ok so I wrote my "Swaul" post recently sharing with you some goodies I received from a swap I done with all-made-up-21. I received an Inglot lipstick and lipgloss. I'm using BIG pics so I hope you like!! I'll start off with the lipstick in number 144.
Inglot Lipstick number 144
Inglot lipstick number 144
Inglot lipstick number 144
Inglot Lipstick number 144
My first reaction was.......that is PINK. To be honest wasn't overly impressed looking at it all! But when I tried it on that changed. It seems to transform to a more subtle paler version of what you see in the tube. It reminded me of MAC Viva Glam Gaga but more wearable because it's lighter. I took some comparison pics which I'll include at the end. I have some other Inglot lipsticks which I can do a post on if people are interested. This lipstick in particular is a "cream" formulation. They also do matte and pearl but they do no specify what it is on the the itself - which is quite annoying!

Next up is a lipgloss, or to give it its correct name "Inglot Sleeks Cream" in number 97. Here are some picks of the gloss and me wearing it on it's own with no lipstick.

Inglot Sleeks Cream Lipgloss number 97
Inglot Sleeks Cream Lipgloss number 97
Inglot Sleeks Cream Lipgloss number 97
Inglot Sleeks Cream Lipgloss number 97
 This matched the lipstick perfectly!! The packaging is unique in that it seems to be fashioned in a test tube style. It has a gorgeous vanilla smell which goes very well with it in my opinion as the formulation looks creamy and creamy goes with vanilla - in a way!! The only complaint I'd have about this is that when applied on it's own it does sink into the creases of the lips (you can see in the lips close up). But over the lipstick it's lovely. Not majorly long lasting though.

Here's some pics of the lipstick and lipgloss together:

And here are some comparison pics of the Inglot lipstick in number 144 and MACs Viva Glam Gaga:

MAC Viva Glam Gaga and Inglot Lipstick number 144 
TOP: MAC Viva Glam GagaBOTTOM: Inglot lipstick number 144
MAC Viva Glam Gaga
Inglot lipstick number 144
Overall I'm really happy especially with the lipstick. The lipgloss is nothing to rave about though to be honest. I really do like the smell but as I said before it does sink into the creases of the lips, is not long lasting and also to add it's not majroly glossy either! But it goes so perfectly with this lipstick I can't bare not to recommend it to match!!


(If you are a Meteor customer you are entitled to 20% off! Log into your "Goodie Bag" HERE and go to the "Health and Beauty" section to print off your voucher or download the barcode to your smart phone or to receive it by text)

Inglot lipsticks are priced at €12-€14
Lipglosses are about €10 as far as I know

Inglot also offer make-up application which costs 25euro and is redeemable on products on the day.

If you want to ring the store to place your order for products to be posted out to you, you can call the Liffey Valley Store on 01-626 9290 or the Dundrum store on 01-1727977

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22 June 2011

Morning All!

So I just wanted to share this little bargain I picked up recently and here it is:

Now this is a Christian Audigier fragrance but the name of it is kind of confusing. Many of you might recognise this perfume as being Ed Hardy - this is neither the creator or name of the perfume. He's actually a tattoo artist by trade. Many clothing companies and brands have be formed based on his Japanese themed rock and roll style drawings and this was how Christian Audiger came into contact with him - by producing a clothing/perfume line based on his artwork. So I guess the line of perfumes are Ed Hardy - but as for the actual name of this perfume.... I'm still a bit puzzled!! The conclusion that I have have come to (by googling the crap out of it) is that it is called Ed Hardy for Women. Here's some close ups of what's in this gift set:

100ml of the Eau de Parfum
90ml each of Shimmering Body Lotion and Bath & Shower Gel
A little mini handbag sized Eau de Parfum - 7.5ml
 I got my set in The Pefume Shop. I don't think they have an Irish website but here's the logo. You'll probably more than likey recognise it as they have stores nationwide. 
As far as I can see 100mls of the perfume itself normally retails for between €55-€60/£50-£55. I have even seen it in Debenhams for over €60. I got this whole gift set for €35!! There was also a smaller set - perhaps it was 30mls for €18. 
I was delighted with this purchase. I have to say though, that the perfume is not majorly long lasting but I do love the smell of it and am crazy for this type of packaging. What do you think!?

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18 June 2011

Hi Ladies.

I just picked up this months STELLAR MAGAZINE. I have to say I haven't bought it all that much and I've no idea why because it's a great little magazine. I LOVE the fact that it's Irish (I always try support Irish things like this if I can). I love that you can see what clothes, shoes, jewellery, hair products, make up etc. are available around the country and also what I love is that they list the prices. I'm so so used to seeing £ signs all over the place so it's refreshing to see the € symbols!! Also it's only €2.30! Anyway!!.....
I was flicking through and on page 24 came across something nice. Unfortunately (and as per usual) this is an event in Dublin, so if you're from the Dublin area and are interested in a fashion/beauty event keep reading! It really saddens me that more a less everything takes place in Dublin, what about the rest of the country?!!! :( Boo. This is just a personal thing, I'm just jealous so I'll shh! Moving on!

Stellar are inviting their readers to call into River Island on Grafton Street for their "exclusive soirée". They have printed a special invite on the opposite page which you fill out and hand in to gain access to the event. There will be 20% off all purchases on the night, on the spot prizes, free pampering sessions - such as getting your hair and nails tended to by hairstylists from Style Club and nail experts from Sally Hansen. The Stellar Team will be there on the evening and there'll be plenty of Stellars fav fruity bubbly EVE flowing and lots of mingling, as the magazine photographer will also be there (be nice and perhaps you might even make it into next months issue!!) 

If you decide to go please let me know. I'd love to know know how it goes - super jealous!! The event is over 18s and is taking place on Wednesday 22nd June from 5:30pm-9pm. Don't forget your invite!!

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17 June 2011


Right so as you might know from some of the tag posts I have done, most recently being the A-Z Of Me one, I do not have any brothers. I have 4 sisters so I find it quite hard to shop for the male species. I'm sick of buying Dad aftershave or practical things such as socks and handkerchiefs (which I find kind of weird! Does your father use a handkerchief!!?) On top of that I also buy a gift for James - he is a daddy after all, however I don't struggle with him as much, as I know him so well! Is that terrible, I know my boyfriend of 7 years more than I know my father of almost 24!! Eeek! :( 

Random night out! Quite a random photo!
You see, the only thing he is passionate about is GAA, mostly hurling. Ah..... HELLO!! How am I going to get around that one. Can't exactly buy him a ticket to a hurling match as their mostly free. And even if there is a fee to get in, he gets in for free (most of the time) as he is a trainer and a referee! He does also like soccer - his team being Arsenal. Not sure that I could afford to get him a ticket and flights for a match though, but in saying that, I have no clue how much that would be!! 

Family meal for my 21st
So therefore, lies the reason I write this post...... HELP! All of our parents are getting older and without sound too drole, I know he won't be around forever so I want to treat him as much as I can. The older I get, the more appreciative I feel for having him here now in my life. A lot of people take for granted even having a father - it's not something we think about, it's a presumption that it's the norm. I don't want to have regrets of not treating him so for some reason this year I want to put more thought into my gift. Perhaps not even a physical gift; a trip somewhere, a meal, I'm not sure. Any ideas?

I'll also get him a little something from Cathal too - bit of a tradition!
Thanks for reading!


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15 June 2011


Like the name of this post!!? So I recently done a swap with Laura over at all-made-up-21. (therefore this is a mix of a swap and a haul.... a Swaul!!! - god i'm sad!) It sounds a bit cracked really, doing a swap with someone in my own country, but when she contacted I said ya shur why not, it'll be a bit of excitement and a surprise - plus its nice to be nice. Another and the main reason though was that she kindly offered to get me an Inglot lipstick that I wanted seeing as though I don't live in Dublin :(   Here's what she sent me!

HOW excited was I too see these Inglot products fall out of the bag!! The minute I opened the package I got the gorgeous fresh citrus-ey smell - of course the Yankee candle in Sparkling Lemon.
The OPI nail varnish is right up my street!

 When I saw this orange and white tube I hadn't a clue what it was. On further inspection I realised it was some sort of balm - it's official name being - Inglot Lip Defence Treatment in number 03. This isn't listed on the website but I found the following on Inglot Irelands Facebook Page:

Sounds nice eh! It has a slight light nude colour 

I'm going to leave the lipstick and lipgloss for my next post to review them a bit more in depth! Excited!! Woo! Thanks for reading!


Laura xo
Hi All

Ok so this is just a super quick post on this Models Own Nail Varnish. This one in particular is called Bronze Rage. It's a deep burnt orangey bronze colour. Not a colour I'd usually go for but I'm a chancer!!

 As far as I am aware, this came out last year in the Spring/Summer Collection. Models Own are forever releasing new collections and I have to say I am a fan. I'm not a trend follower but there's always at least one that catches my eye from each collection. The varnishes price at about €7.50 each and are available from places such as Boots, River Island, Asos. (Boots are great for going 3 for 2 offers on Models Own)

One thing in particular I like about these nails varnishes is the staying power. It stays on for a good 3 days before it starts to chip at all. I would consider this an achievement. Also I love the application of these metallic ones in particular. They seem to glide on to your nails very smoothly and turns out very sleek with no streaks. They also seem to dry reasonably quickly. 

Any recommendations for Models Own shades for me? I particularly like brown, greys, taupes, purples and them kind of things amongst pastels also! 


Laura xo

11 June 2011

Age: 24 in exactly 21 days! Woo!

Bed Size: Double

Chore you Hate: Washing and drying clothes - bleuch

Dogs: Bulmer (Pug)

Essential start of your day: Moisturising! Currently using: 

Source: Nivea.ie

Favourite Colour: Purple/Blue/Black
Source: sodahead.com

Gold or Silver: Def Silver
Source: spacehaggis.com
Height: 5'5

Instruments I play: None at the mo but used to play the violin and keyboard

Job Title: Am.... lets just say Administration/Office Work
Source: ucanr.org

Kids: Cathal 


Mum's name: Mary

Nickname: Laurz, Loz, Fitz, Fitzy

Pet Peeve: Many, but shop assistants slamming change onto the counter

Quote from a movie: 
"I've been watching you all night from across the room........Why don't you go back there and keep watching" - The Bodyguard

"You can't lose something you never had" - How ToLose A Guy In Ten Days

"In bed by nine!!? Thats when life just begins!" - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

 Right or left handed: Right

Siblings: 4 Sisters

Time you wake up: 
About 8am on weekdays. As late as possible on the weekends!

 Underwear:  under where!!!?

Vegetables you dislike: 
Quite like most veg.... I suppose it would be brussel sprouts!

What makes you run late: 
Lately it has been Bulmer acting the eejet in the mornings!

X-rays you've had done: 
Have had a few on my lungs (asthmatic) and also when I broke my nose!

Yummy food you make: 
I'm quite good at making pancakes! They don't stick to the pan or anything!!

Zoo animal:
Definitely elephants! Alternatively penguins!
Funny elephant with penguin

Thanks for reading! :) 

Laura xo

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