29 April 2011

Hello lovelies.

So this post is long overdue. For Christmas, my sister got me a fabulous present. It was the Soap And Glory 'Pink Big' box set.
  This was my first time trying Soap and Glory products despite seeing many of their products in boots. All of the products have quirky names as you will notice below. You can even submit ideas of product names on their website HERE and if it's used you get some free goodies!! The company bases their marketing on a 40's/50's/60's chic glam-housewife vintage sort of theme - which I really really like (self described - wouldn't you know!!)  Here is what was included:

CLEAN ON ME - Shower Gel
This smells lovely and the packaging is nice - as you can see it has a squirt pump which is handy for the shower. Other than that i'm not overly fussed on this.

GIRLIGO - Body Moisturing Mist
This is a scented spray on moisturising must. Nice to spritz on all over the body after a shower. Again, i'm not overly fussed with this other than it having a lovely smell. (blend of bergamot, peach, strawberry, jasmine, mandarin and musk.)

SCRUB YOUR NOSE IN IT - Face scrub & mask.
This; I am impressed with. On first impressions I wasn't too keen on the smell, well more so I wasn't expecting it to smell like it did. It smells of menthol/mint. It's an exfoliating scrub aimed towards people with large pores & doubles up as a face mask when applied and left on the face. The formulation is quite thick with a very grainy texture - which is what I like, as I feel it really does scrub and clean my face. Some may find this too coarse and harsh to use. I use it every 2 or 3 days. It also has a fruit acid formula which claims to leave the skin bright and more radiant - which I also agree with. Loving this and will repurchase!

OFF YOUR FACE - Cleansing Wipes
Wasn't expecting too much from these - at the end of the day most wipes are the same!! Didn't like the smell at all (Chamomile & Mint ) The wipes also claim to have "poreshrinkers". HA! I'd say not!! I just use wipes to initially clean make up from my face and then continue to use my facial cleanser or scrub.

THE BREAKFAST SCRUB - Body Smoother/Scrub
THIS is quite beautiful! Not everyone will be keen on the smell (brown sugar and maple). It smells like something that you could eat but I could imagine some people finding it a bit sickly - but on the other hand the name is quite fitting as if you use it in the morning it would remind you of a breakfasty smell!! It also contains Golden Sugar scrub particles, Natural Organic cupuacu bio scrubs, Gentle Oatmeal grains, Banana, Almond and Honey extracts, Shea Butter and Glycerin. (I am only now realising that there is banana in there which I DESPISE, but I do not get that smell at all from it. It is really exfoliating and I really feel as though it does a good job at scrubbing away dead skin cells, leaving my skin really soft. I will repurchase.

Apparently this is an award winning product? I personally didn't love it. Not that it particularly had negatives but I just don't like using perfume scented creams on my body - I much prefer natural, organic smells such as cocoa butter, fruits or milky almond smells! I tend to get a rash/dry skin on my arms so I didn't fancy using this there but I did use it for the rest of my body and legs. It blends in quite nicely and doesnt feel sticky. It does leave a nice smell to the skin, basically the same as the shower gel: (bergamot, strawberries and mandarin, with floral and fruity mid notes and musk, amber and warm vanilla notes on the bottom)

HAND FOOD - Hand Cream
Again this has a similar smell to the typical Soap and Glory smell of the shower gel and body butter ( shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow - sounds ideal to me!!) It is relatively non-greasy and leaves hands feeling quite silky. I like to keep it in my handbag to apply occasionally not even because of dry skin, but just for the smell!

FLAKE AWAY - Body Polish/Scrub
This is one FABULOUS product. It is a scrub that polishes the skin on your legs basically. It is similar to the Breakfast Scrub in that it is really grainy and defiantly scrubs away dead skin - but I would say this is more salt grainyish than sugar grainyish! Basically it contains smaller grains!! It smells fabulous and leave your legs silky smooth - it really actually does!! It contains Shea Butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar. This is another of my absolute favs and is the best exfoliator I have ever used on my legs. Will certainly be repurchasing! :)

 GLAD HAIR DAY - Shampoo
I actually forgot to add this into the pictures but it did come with the set. This contains Raspberry Fruit Vinegar, Panthenol, Glycerin and Phytantriol to Smooth,Gloss,  Repair and Strengthen hair. Meh, I dono. It was just a shampoo that smelt nice to me, nothing major.

The set also included this super thick and compacted shower puff which does suds up quite well.

SEXY MOTHER PUCKER - Plumping Lipgloss
It was nice to see a cosmetic/make up product throw into the mix also. This is the Peach flavoured/shaded one. I say flavoured/shaded as it does not smell of peach but perhaps the colour of it is meant to be peach!? It strongly smells of chocolate! It DEFINATLY has that  swollen & tingly effect so if you're not mad on that I wouldn't recommend this. However if you do, this is quite a good one. The texture of the gloss is really sticky but I find the staying power of the shine brilliant because of this. It looks really nice on too, really smooth and shiney. I like it.

The set comes in this big foldable box which is quite nice. Not sure what I'll use it for. Currently it has Cathals toys in it but it's much to pretty to be his so I might use it to keep my big bottles of.... stuff in! Like shampoos, moisturisers etc. What else could I use it for!?
 Also the box is in a bag. I've seen people use these as shopping bags; not a bad idea I guess. Would make a nice park/beach bag too.

So that's that. Overall I was delighted with this set. Some great finds in here. My top three would be the Scrub Your Nose In It, Flake Away and Sexy Mother Pucker. The things I wasn't overly impressed are just because of personal preference but they do all smell lovely. Soap and Glory do not test on animals and are available from Boots, Harvey Nichols (in Dublin only but the website deliver) and Asos.  Has anyone else tried any of the above? Thoughts?

Laura  xo

PS: apologies for the not so great photo quality. I took these on my phone a few months ago 

28 April 2011

Hey there.

So recently I’ve been obsessing over perfumes. I don’t know what has come over me – I think it might be the weather improving slightly here in Ireland, and for some reason I associate summer and good weather with perfume – don’t ask me why!! Anyway, I called into my local chemist at lunchtime today and saw the new Beyoncé perfume.
Immediately I went over for a sniff. I own her first fragrance so was quite curious to see what her next one is like. The stand was nice looking, bright fresh yellow orange and gold colours but I was for some reason a bit disappointed that the bottle was the same as the previous one.
 I then looked at the name and realised that it wasn’t just ‘Rush’ which I thought it was, it is called ‘Heat Rush’ so that explained that (the previous one is called ‘Heat’ so I took it as being a continuation of that one in a way.) So I got over that and got to the smelling!

First impression?....Meh! Wasn’t overly impressed. Nice enough like but nothing to write home about (sorry that's a kind of Irish thing!) I continued looking around the chemist and let the perfume settle onto my skin. I came back to work, sat down and started working. It was when I went to move my hair back from my face I got another whiff of it and..... it was lovely! Much much nicer than when I had smelt it straight away in the chemist.

If you have smelt her first fragrance, it’s definitely similar to it but I would say more fruity. It’s described as:

The only downside to this is that it’s an Eau de Toilette which means the scent may not linger on the skin for long – which I’d what I look for in a perfume. It’s 4.5 hours later now as I write this and the smell has almost completely left my skin. This is quite strange as the original ‘Heat’ was an Eau de Parfum – don’t know why that has changed (they are both around the same price range!) Other than that I have to say I’m liking it. Prices are as follows:

50ml Bottle = €33.95 (it's a few € cheaper on Debenhams online - €29.70)
30ml bottle = €25.95 (or €23.10 Debenhams)

Gold Shimmering Body Cream (200ml) claims to “hydrate your skin and leave a nice light veil of sparkles”. To be honest I wouldn't rely on that description too much if it’s anything like the original ‘Heat’ body lotion that was basically NOT shimmery at all!! But of course it is nice to rub on your skin before you spritz on your perfume to make it last longer. At the moment you get a free gold/bronze clutch if you buy one of the perfumes
Have you smelt this perfume? What did you think?

Laura  xo

(All images from www.beyonceparfums.com)

25 April 2011

Hey everyone, so today is Easter Monday. I could not post yesterday as my blog was still "in transition" over to FitznBitz.com instead of with blogspot.com. I'll do a quick post on what I wore yesterday. I had dinner and plenty of chocolate, wine and fun with my family for the day. 

With Flash                                                  Without Flash

I must of delected the one with my eye closed but you hopefully get the idea :)

Eyeko 3in1Cream (shimmery highlighter) underneath my foundation & as a highlight 
MAC Studio Fix Fluid - NW20
Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer - Ivory
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder - Translucent

Rimmel Natural Bronzer - Sun Bronze (contour)
Benefit Blusher - Coralista
Naked Palette E/S - Virgin (inner corner & highlight) Half Baked (lid) Creep (crease)

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner - Zero
Rimmel Professional EyebrowPencil - Brown/Black (forgot to add in for photo!)
Bourjois Volume Glam Ultra Curl - Deep Black
Inglot Lipstick - 253
Bourjois Effet 3D -01 Beige Elastic


Skirt - Pennys                                                             Top - H&M

                                                                                                       Boots - Barretts

 Straightened and flicked out at the front.

Really loving this at the moment, but I know for a fact wouldn't be to everyones taste. It's from Avon and it's called 'Laugh Often' by Reese Witherspoon. It's described as "a joyful fragrance with bright citrus and playful florals". Quite unusual and not particularly overly feminine - which I like! It's on sale for €15.50 at the moment :)

Hope you had a lovely day too :)

Laura  xo

20 April 2011

Hello everyone!

So here's what make up I am wearing today! Pretty boring but I thought I'd share anyway!

 And these are the products I used :)

Chanel Pro Lumiere - Limpide/Nude

Mac Select Cover Up Concelear - NW20

Rimmel Stay Matter Pressed Powder - Translucent
Rimmel Natural Bronzer - Sun Bronze (contour)
Mac Blush - Dame
Naked Palette Eyeshadows - Virgin (inner corner & highlight), Half Baked (Lid), Smog (crease)
Mac Lipstick - Angel
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner - Zero
Rimmel Professional EyebrowPencil - Brown/Black
Bourjois Volume Glam Ultra Curl - Deep Black

Sigma brushes F30, F40, Elf Blush Brush, F80, E55 & E70

Have a lovely day!


Laura  xo

17 April 2011

Hey lovelies.

So I woke up this morning to the sun shining on my face (kind of annoying but kind of lovely at the same time). I got up in a good mood and went for some brighter colours for my clothes, make up and nails. Here's the lot!


Leggings-Dunnes                                            Boots-Pennys 

Chains-NoName(Loops) Pennys(heart)                                         Ring-Pennys

Bangles-Dorothy Perkins                                           Earrings-H&M 

Gosh Velvet Touch Primer
Chanel Pro Lumiere - Limpide/Nude

Mac Select Cover Up Concealer - NW20 

Rimmel Natural Bronzer - Sun Bronze 022 (contour)
Benefit Coralista Box Powder Blush
Inglot eyeshadows-474(Yellow) 393(cream) & 360(brown)
Avon SuperShock Mascara-Black
Rimmel Professional EyebrowPencil - Brown/Black
Maybelline ExpertWear Eyeliner-Medium Brown
Barry Lipgloss-Toffee (no.2)

 Gosh-Gold 554 Avon Nailwear Pro-Sunshine

And thats it! Does anyone else wear much yellow? It's a bit of an odd colour really!! Thanks for reading!


Laura  xo

Hey everyone!

So  I was tagged by Lauren - Gotta Love A Trier. Thanks chick! So the point of this tag is to share with everyone 10 things you love. (I hate saying "love" when it's not actual LOVE - I love James, Cathal and my family, material items, but anyway!) I'm going to be fairly specific in my choices rather that give one broad answer like "food" "make up" etc - I think it might be more interesting! Also i'm not going to mention that I love my friends or family cause obvs I do - well I suppose not, but I do! So here we go!

(google images)

This is certainly my favourite food. The question occasionally pops up in various conversations "if you had to live on one food for the rest of your life what would it be?" Pizza is what comes to my mind straight away so I consider that as being my food love! Not fussy with toppings - but I do not like pineapple on pizza!

My Phone

I LOVE this phone. It is the best (and most expensive) phone I have ever owned. Its the HTC Desire. If you're not familiar with HTC - it's a brand that makes hi tech mobile phones. The phones run on Android which is basically Apple/iphone's competition. I love the phone, the layout, the endless options of being able to customize screens and apps amongst other things! Just love it! I get all my emails, Facebook and twitter notifications immediately!

(google images)

I love burning candles in the evening. I love the way they can completely change the mood in a room or at a certain time, I love the smell and I love turning off the lights and just having the natural flicker of the flame in the room. (Also just to add, i'm currently on the hunt for my perfect scent from Yankee Candles. I have a post HERE if you'd like to let me know your fav!)

(google images)

I think blusher can completely brighten and freshen the look of any face. I feel as though my face is not completely done until I have something on my cheeks!

(asos.com & shopstyle.com)

I'm more of a boots person that a shoe person - be they high, flat, wedged, propper boots or shoe styled boots - I love em! At the moment I'm particularly loving laced boots. I find them so versatile, comfortable and easy to wear. I think they add a bit of edge to an outfit, which I like as I'm not a typical girly girl!

(google images)
(own images)

I love wearing rings. I've worn them since I got my first proper ring for my communion. I have never been without one since. I don't always wear dressy rings - I have my smaller staple rings - some of which I have been wearing for years - all silver. I feel naked without them.

Drinking wine while getting ready to go out. 
(google images)

It's not so much the alcohol intake I like - more so the social aspect of it. Getting all dressed up, putting on my make up while having a glass of white wine on hand is what I love. To me it seems femenine, a kind of a girls bonding thing and other than that it's kind of hard to explain! (I also love wine while being out for dinner/Wathching tele/reading a book and in gerneral!!)

Baby Feet
(google images)

This is weird but I love baby feet. They're so teeny and chubby and pretty and lovely. It's ironic though because I despise feet (more so toes) otherwise. I even have a picture of Cathals feet framed!


I do love reading but I can't specify what category I like the most as I enjoy and read a lot of different types of books. Summer seems to be the time I read the most. I love lying out and getting lost in a story. (This photo is perfect because I'm currently reading "Marilyn Monroe" by Barbara Leaming.

(google images)

I recently had this discussion with Viva Adonis and Saloule - who too, are stationary fanatics. I would happily waltz around Easons for a few hours looking at everything! I have been known to buy notebooks and pens for absolutely no reason. I particularly love vintage/Celtic looking notepads and diary's!

So there's 10 random things I love. I challenge you to be random when choosing your ten things!! 

I tag:

And of course YOU if you're reading this :)

The Rules:

1) State who gave you this award in your post

2) State 10 things that you love 

3) Tag 10 other bloggers, listing them at the end of the post, and notify them

Thanks for reading!


Laura  xo

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