14 March 2017

Dia daoibh!
Today I'm here with a nail post and it's on falsies by Elegant Touch. This 'Totally Bare Mixed Nails' bumper set, in particular, caught my eye as it includes three different shapes - Stilletto, Oval and Square.  As I'm not a regular false nail wearer, I thought this would be an ideal set to try out to decide which shape I prefer.  If you do know what shape is your fav, then these sets also come individually with each shape too.  

06 March 2017

Dia daoibh.
Today I'm here with more of a lifestyle post.  I've been trying out the Nutrilite Vitamin B Plus supplements for the past month and wanted to let you know about them in case you're on the hunt for a good B Vitamin supplement. First off, why do we need B vitamins in our diet you might ask. There are many benefits, but the main ones include energy production, a healthy nervous system, good digestion and healthy skin, hair and nails. Without the B-group vitamins, the body lacks energy, so by taking a supplement such as the Nutrilite Vitamin B Plus, it will help the body to use carbohydrates, fats and protein for fuel.

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