28 March 2011

Hey Everyone.

 Here's my recap of what I experienced while using the Yes To Carrots Happy Face set. I used all 3 products so I can't pinpoint which it was that I had a reaction to. (perhaps it's the same ingredient in all 3?) I love the packaging of these, in particular the pots (they look much nicer in person!) They look simple, elegant, clean/fresh. But guess what? They've since changed the packaging - why; I do not know. It's the complete opposite to this, more colour and text on the tubs - it almost looks more like medicine :( Why why why!! Anyway, moving on!

 L-R Mask, Face Wash, Moisturiser.

L-R Mask & Moisturiser

Softening Facial Mask - Reg. $14.99 Image
New packaging in case you're wondering!
(image from www.yestocarrots.com)

On day one I used the wash and moisturiser. On day 2 I used the wash, mask and moisturiser. I noticed little bumps on my forehead and chin. I thought perhaps it was my diet or something as I have never had a reaction to a face product before - and also thought there was no way it could be these products as they claim to be gentle, natural and organic. 

I used the wash and moisturiser the next day and for sure I knew it was a reaction to these products. My face was red, itchy, the little bumps were hot and quite sensitive. I took a break for the next day but it was too late, the damage had been done. The bumps were really sensitive and now my skin was starting to flake. Sorry for the gross-ness but we're all human ya!!?

 (The bumps are in the middle just above my eyebrows - camera didn't pick up on it too well)

Lovely eh? I was quite disappointed with all of this. When it comes to skin products I love to use natural ingredients rather that chemically/industrial produced ingredients that claim to do all sorts. I have heard great things about this range but unfortunately the Carrots line has let me down. Perhaps the company are right and the cucumber line would suit me better - even though I have normal skin. I would be curious to try more out to be honest!! A bit nervous but at the same time I think curiosity will get the better of me!! I know many of you might be thinking, "you're mad, and in fact in the video I think I said "not a hope in hell", but the more I think about it the more I want to see if I have a reaction to the other ones. What do you lot think? Have you tried this brand or any of the other ones?


Updated video:


Laura  xo
Hey everyone hope you all had a lovely weekend!I've decided to do a "week in pictures" post today. Well it's over 2 weeks really but I thought it would be nice to share some snaps of my life :) Here you go :)

I have been absolutely loving this dinner for the past while, Chicken (chasseur I think?) from Super Valu, Vegetable 1/4 pounders & green beans. Not sure that I've said this on my blog before but my food habit is cutting everything up....EVERYTHING... into small pieces. Don't know why but I've done it since I was small. I'm a slow eater as it is, so imagine how long it takes me after I cut everything!! Anyway, theres a random fact for ye!? Do you have a weird food habit!!? Tell me to make me feel better!!!

I've been loving pinks lately... I've no idea why!! I'm not usually a "pinkish" kind of gal!!

I've been burning candles almost everyday

Lidl recently got in some old 90's junk food. Love reminiscing!

Me and Cathal have been fighting over the remote a lot recently! He knows how to turn on his own channels.....dam!

I love random trips to Dunnes! Don't know why I felt the need to share this, but I am random!

Study Study Study. I finished up my assignment for college (Social Studies) and I also had my exam last Thursday. It went quite well I think so fingers crossed for my results :)

Beer and Boxing was my treat last weekend! I actually like watching boxing! Twas the Limerick fella I watched. Quite funny! Also a pizza thrown in there....mmm Pizza!! My favourite food of all time!!

I was the lucky winner of 'GottaLoveATrier's' blog giveaway!! WOOOOP! Was delighted to receive the package!! Thanks a mill Lauren!! :)

And last but not least, the best part of my past week was this little dude!! My pug!!! I'm so so happy to have him! I've been longing for one of these beauties for a long time. I have admired them for ages and was seriously thinking about actually getting one for over a year. I took my time in deciding, as it is a big responsibility - it's like having another baby in the house!! I made a video HERE if you wana see him in action!! I have finally decided on a name too!!! Bulmer! I wanted something butch. It'll prob suit him a bit more when he's a bit bigger. At the moment the crows outside are bigger than him - literally!! Had to keep an eye on him outside this morning when they were around in case they'd pick him up!! Imagine!!! Ha! I'm aware than many people hate the look of these dogs but I'm am completely fine about that - I adore him!

So thats my sum up! Hope you all have a great week :)


Laura  xo

25 March 2011

Hi Everyone!

So I wandered into my local chemist the other day on the hunt for the No7 Gel Eyeliner - which I cannot find anywhere. DAM. I passed the counter and doubled back!! There was a little stand of a new edition to the line of GOSH. The spring collection for 2011. As far as I know it was released in mid February and had just come into my chemist a few hours before I came in!! I love a strike of luck! Here's a look at whats on offer:

Eye Shadow Palette: Nude Passion No. 001

Natural Touch Cream Blusher -  003 Fluffy Peach and 004 Silky Rose

Liquid Highlighter Satin Glow

Amazing Length'N Build Mascara

Velvet Touch Lipstick -  122 Nougat and 146 Cappuccino 

Nail Varnish - 595 Miss Sweety and 596 Miss Mole 
(images courtesy of Gosh Facebook Page)

This was RIGHT up my street. I absolutely love pinks nudes and browns/taupes. I wanted to buy a bit of everything but hadn't enough money on me at the time, so I ended up just getting the nude lipstick in 146 Cappucinno (which is btw a much more wearable or darker nude than Gosh Darling) and the pink Silk Blush cremeblush 004.


Darling on top Cappuccino on bottom 


004 Silky Rose

So, what do you think!?


Laura  xo

19 March 2011

Hello All!
OK so this post is a bit overdue - 12 days to be exact. A few of us gals (Bloggers and Vloggers) organised to all meet up in Dublin on Sunday 6th March. I have to say it was a success. We all threw around dates about a month beforehand so that the date would suit everybody - Julie must have been tormented with emails as she seemed to be the go-to-girl for the dates! Anyhow, between us all (us all meaning Aoife     Julie     Kate     Katie     Louise     Sandra     Sarah) we sorted it out. I was happy to have a few weeks to plan and save as I happened to be broke at the time we were arranging it and I had to make sure someone was around to have my small man while I was away for the day! So I booked a train ticket and off I went. 

Along the way I had a train meet up with Katie and we clicked straight away - which I was so happy about. It could have been quite daunting getting on a train to sit beside someone I had never met in person before, but from the minute we sat down beside each other we had something to talk about. Fair enough a lot of it was about You Tube and Blogging but to be honest it was completely refreshing to be able to speak to someone who has the same love for it that I do. We should have taken a picture of ourselves on the train but obvs we were too busy chatting!! :) 

We reached Dublin and waited for Sarah. She seemed to know her way about a bit more than the two of us eejets who didn't know WHERE we were going!! So we walked out of Heuston Station and got our Luas tickets - which also proved to confuse me, but anyhows!! We waited....and waited...... next thing BAM.....an announcement came over the microphone that there had been unforeseen circumstances and that the service had to be cancelled for the rest of the day. TYP....ical. I actually said out loud "knowing our luck someones after being shot or something!"..... As it happened, the next day we found out that two fellas had indeed been shot at the Smithfield Horse Market which was just 2.5kms away from where we were. All very dramatic but anyway we didn't know all of this at the time, so we happily hopped on the majorly overcrowded double decker bus until Sarah told us to hop off!!

We walked to the Spire where we had all arranged to meet up. We were checking our messages and tweets on the way and we were getting more and more excited the nearer we got! It was a bit surreal seeing everyone in person after watching them for so long on You Tube and reading their blogs. We all greeted each other and glanced each other up and down (in a nice way!) First stop we made was to Forever 21. Now this place is huge!! 3 floors of clothes, shoes, accessories, jewellery etc. It was actually hard to shop in there as it was so massive. Throughout the day we walked along and took turns without realizing to talk to each other. Calling into Brown Thomas was a lovely experience for me as I usually go there on my own at home and it was exciting to hear all the girls sharing their experiences and advice on various products.

For lunch we stopped off at The Calzone Cafe under the recommendation of Julie. Again this was a lovely part of the day as we got to sit down with each-other and have some proper chats one on one! The food, might I add was an-mhaith!! Delish actually!! We snapped some pics there (well the girls did, I hadn't a camera at the time so I've robbed these photos off Julie, Louise and Kate!)

Me and Louise
Louise and Sarah

Julie and Sandra

Katie and I
Louise and Sarah
Kate, Aoife and Julie
Julie and Sandra
Katie and I
After our lunch we wandered and chatted some more around Dublin City. Being in Dublin itself was so exciting for me as I had only been there a couple of times. Aoife found this quite hilarious that I was in such awe of the place!! I probably did have a bit of a touristy head up on me but I was really happy to be there with the girls. We have all gotten very friendly in the months that we have known each other and it was  great to experience their physical company rather than their cyber company!!

Right that was it...... the legs were walked off us, so we decided that a trip to Starbucks was necessary! It was Louise's first time in the coffee shop and she was so excited looking at the menu and all the cakes and goodies at the counter. "Oh my god Laura what do I get!!?" She ended up getting a hot chocolate with cream which looked delish. I got a...... something something mocha something grande..... GORG! We took some more photos here!
Louise and I
Julie and Katie
Sandra and Julie
Aoife and Kate

Again we had some more chats and gossip. At this stage I think we were all feeling it. We had been walking and shopping all day so it was nice to sit down for the last hour.

(How class is it that coincidentally me and Aoife both wore black leather jackets, black pants and black and white horizontally striped tops.... we both had our hair down and both had brown handbags..... not to mention out matching Chanel bags from BT!!!)

I have to say I really had a fab day. It was a pleasure to meet all these girls and they all deserve good things for their You Tube and Blogs. Please check them all out and let them know if you like their work! Until we meet again ladies!.......


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