15 March 2013

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Dia doibh!

So I have been taking Viviscal tablets and using the shampoo and conditioner now for two weeks. So far I haven't missed one tablet and fingers crossed it stays that way! I have been using the Viviscal shampoo and conditioner every time I wash my hair.

A week after I had my hair cut/my first post I had my front layers trimmed and bit shorter and thinned slightly. It was  bit front heavy so I asked the hairdresser to shorten it.

11 March 2013

Dia daoibh!

 Avon. I've spoken about them before and I'm a huge fan of some of their items including their SuperShock Mascara. Speaking of Supershock, Avon have launched 4 new limited edition shades to their gel eyeliner range for Spring Summer 2013. I have been using the Supershock gel eyeliners for the past couple of years and they are genuinely gorg. Really long lasting, mega smooth when applying and really pigmented. The new colours are

06 March 2013

Dia daoibh!

This morning I bring you something a little different. A few months ago I was on a bit of a health kick. I lost some weight and told you all I would share with you my story. I have a lot of various bits and pieces to speak about so I'm going to break it up into a few different posts. Today I want to show you something that I spotted on the Debenhams website which I used and is now on sale.

This is the Playtex Objective 1 Size Down Thigh Slimmer. Normally I'm not one for "fads" like this but as I was just starting my journey of health and fitness and agreed to give it a go! Here are the claims:

01 March 2013

Dia daoibh!

I'm about to partake in an exciting hair journey. You might have heard me speak of Viviscal in the past. Well today I will start a solid 3 month trial of the scientifically proven hair supplement along with the specialised shampoo and conditioner. I will be tracking my progress along the way and will be keep you updated here on my blog. This May, Viviscal will be presenting the findings and conclusions from their clinical trials (ie. my results) at the 7th global world congress for hair research and on the back of that we want to make May "Viviscal's hair aware month."

To give this trial a fair run I have literally just had my hair cut and coloured today! As you can see in the picture below it is at shoulder length and I have zero roots!

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