09 March 2012

Lynx Attract for Her Deodorant Body Spray

Dia daoibh!
 (teeny giveaway at the end :))

So I was aimlessly browsing around Super Valu the other day and obviously wandered over to the personal section. BAM! In my face, there it was. A very feminine looking bottle of Lynx. I inspected it further and realised it was in fact, a limited edition deodorant bodyspray for women! I hadn't heard about this at all but apparently the ad on tele for it has already aired! I tweeted a pic of my discovery (obvs). Sure enough a few of you had heard about it. I didn't get a chance to smell it but decided that night that I wanted to buy it to try out.... yaknow.....just cause!! So I did, and I tried it out yesterday.

It's described as being a:
"fruity, floral and woody fragrance. A vibrant colourful mixture of succulent fruit creates an enticing fusion while floral notes leave a feminine accord."
"A vibrant colourful mixture of succulent fruit creates an enticing fusion while floral notes leave a feminine accord. Bottom notes of wood, musk and vanilla give the fragrance a sheer creaminess." 
Yep, sounds about right. It's a fresh clean smelling scent but with a definite hint of floral/fruity. I used it as a deodorant and as a body spray. Now I don't sweat that much at all. Maybe it's my usual Sure stick that does the job, but this did too, as I applied it at 8:30 and I was still fresh by 7pm. The smell did linger nicely for a few hours which is great. I got a woft of it every now and again as I moved about in work.
Attract for Him, Attract for Her

There is also a men's version but I haven't sniffed this. I got mine in Super Valu on sale for €3, original price being €4 something but there are various offers on at the moment.

Now at the end of the day, this is just a deodorant/bodyspray and I'm not going to go on too much about it. It's just one of those things I was surprised to see, as it's Lynx's first product for women. I wonder If there will be any more! 


I picked up a can to give away also. Just leave a comment below telling me what deodorant you are currently using.
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UPDATE 16/03/12: Winner winner!!

Congrats Charlotte Fleming, you get to try out Lynx Attract for her.
Thanks for reading and entering :)

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