27 May 2011

 Hello all!!
So recently I made a purchase on CherryCulture This is basically a website that sells make up (some of which are not widely available here in Ireland). I was delighted to see that there was a sale on NYX Lipglosses! Woo!!

These little fellows below, were down from $3 to $2 each (which is roughly about €1.40... HALLO!!) I was sold. The name of these glosses in particular are the 'NYX Girls Round Lip Gloss'. I ordered 5 and including p&p it came to €15.29/$21.17. It took 8 days in total from day of ordering to day of arriving at my doorstep.

L-R: Peach, Natural, Real Nude, Sorbet, Whipped

This is the wand (which I always called "dofer applicator" but when I google it not much comes up, am I crazy!!!?.....I have now been told I am indeed crazy, well not really, but the correct word apparently is "Doefoot"... what the hell!!? I always said "dofer"!!! Aaaahaha! Thanks Lorraine!)

About the glosses themselves; the formulation is smooth and definitely not sticky. It has a smell of what I would describe as a mix of Tooti Fruiti and Refresher sweets (same as the Bourjois Effet 3D ones - which I love!) Two of them had some glitter in them. When I saw this I was like "eeeeeek!!". I am NOT a fan of glitter, but when applied the glitter does not show through - don't ask me how or why! Here's the two with glitter. (click to have a closer look at the glitter)
Peach                              Sorbet

I wouldn't say they are majorly long lasting on the lips but that's not a problem for me because if I am wearing lipgloss I re-apply it throughout the day regardless of whether I need to or not! Lets just put that down to habbit.
And this is the little freebie I got. A Bubble Gum Lip Blam. On first sniff it was indeed Bubblegummy! When I applied it to my lips I definitely got the smell of banana - which oddly enough I am ALLERGIC to and beyond that, absolutly DESPISE! So I won'e be using that again. This is completly personal preference, other wise it's lovely to get a little freebie like this!

So now here are some individual swatches and what they look like on (FYI just wanted to point out that my lips are quite pigmented so when I apply just lipgloss I lightly go over my lips with whatever excess is left over on my foundation brush to give it more of a neutral canvas :)



Real Nude



So there you have it. Overall I am definitely happy. Here's the YouTube video I made on same :)

Have you tried NYX Lipglosses? Any reccommendations!?

Laura xo

18 May 2011

Here's a quick written account of my experience of doing my own hair at home. I wanted to do something different with my hair, so I decided I would lighten it, I wasn't fully sure to what shade I would go as far as but I knew I wanted to lighten it. It was quite dark before I started: 

I got the Jerome Russell  BBlonde Hair Lightening Kit. This was about €7/€8 but I got it as part of a 3 for 2 Boots offer. I bought 2 boxes of this.

I actually meant to pick up the Highlighting kit but they looked so similar and I was in a rush! I panicked and checked up the website to see how different they were. They are the exact same apart from the fact that the highlighting kit has a highlighting cap - go figure!! They both contain 40vol. peroxide. You can also get a 30vol one of your hair is lighter than dark brown. So I bought a highlighting cap in my local chemist for €2.99. I didn't particularly want to have blonde highlights so I was conscious not to leave it in too long. I done a strand test the night before to see what it would turn out like! 

 Then I got to capping!!!

 Overall this took me over 2 hours!! This and the knots are the only downside to my whole experience really. It would be much much easier for someone with shorter and finer hair! But anyway, I kept going! I applied the bleach/peroxide mixture and left it on for 30 mins. It looked much blonder than it turned out! In fact it didn't turn out blonde at all which I was quite happy about.

 As I explained in the video I was happy enough with this copperish kind of colour but felt I couldnt leave it as the roots were much lighter than the tips. Also the peroxide took to the baby hairs at the front of my hairline which left spots of pure blonde! Nice! I decided I like the redish colour and would stick with that and bought the following:

 This is the colour 109A Nautural Warm Auburn. It was something around €6/€7 and I bought two as I have long hair. And here is the result!

It's much more vibrant and red and again I liked it! :)

It’s now about a week later and I have washed my hair a few times. I am basically back to the colour I was at the second stage – the copper colour. The Nice N’ Easy dye seems to have faded from my hair. I’ve heard that it may not have taken properly to the peroxide parts of my hair as it would need a “filler” first. I’m not sure, all I know is that it’s gone. It does look fairly even though so I’m gonna leave it as it is!

I'll be treating my hair now for a while, won't be using as much heat and I'll use plenty of conditioning treatments such as this one:

If you know of any other really good treatment please let me know!! What does everyone else think about at home dye kits?

Laura  xo

06 May 2011

Hi everyone!

So this will just be a quick little post to show you a couple of things I picked up in Boots recently. I'll start off with these 3 liplosses from Barry M.
 top to bottom Strawberries and Cream (3) Toffee (2) Pastel Pink (4)

Pastel Pink (4) Toffee (2) Strawberries and Cream (3)

I saw these shades and was like "Oh hell to the ya!!" They're all pretty pale colours which I have to be careful of - I can be picky with pale ones. Price wise they are between €5-€6.
 I was immediately attracted the the brown one, but ultimately this was the one I was most disappointed with. I have quite pigmented lips so a gloss or lipstick needs to be quite strong for it to turn out well on my lips - and this didn't. In saying that if I use my foundation brush to lightly brush over my lips after applying my foundation (which it what I usually do anyway) it turns out a bit better. I find that doing so with the foundation on the lips it gives a good base for the colour of a gloss to come through clearer. This one smells really toffee-ish. 
The Pastel Pink (4) which I would describe as the lilac one is the one I was most surprised with - really pigmented so a little goes a long way. 
The pink is quite well pigmented also - just be wary of how light they come out as it might not be to everyones taste. Perphaps a lipstick underneath might be more flattering. Overall - I really like these.

Next up are two nail varnishes from Revlon - 2 for €12. This is my first time buying a nail product from the brand and I am REALLY impressed. Application and formulation of the varnish is gorg. Coverage is brilliant too. Here's what I got.

And last of all, I spotted this Kiss nails set. I got the shape "Active Oval" as it was the only one there. It's also available in Active Square and Short Square (6
which is a balls because I actually cut and filed these to a square finish!!) It was under €10 as far as I can remember so I went for this rather than buying one pack of French tipped ones for the same price. I don't usually wear falsies but I had a family christening and felt I wanted to be feminine!!! The only thing about these (well really I suppose this is more me than the product) but I found the sizes of the nails very big. I have quite small fingers so indeed my nails must be quite small in width too. I had to use all the smaller sizes, but no biggie I guess!

Thanks for reading and following ladies

Laura  xo

01 May 2011


Giveaway for an INGLOT Eyeshadow Quad palette HERE!!! The colours up for grabs are the ones coloured in RED below

INGLOT. Ever head of them? Have a look at the website HERE or if you're lucky enough to live by one (only in Dublin in Ireland though) pop in and have a look. You're sure to be slightly overwhelmed with hundreds of eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations.... the lot!! Here's some eyeshadows I own.

 There are 5 different finishes of the eyeshadows which are:

AMC -- Advanced Makeup Components -- matte with shimmer
AMC Shine -- metallic/frost shimmer
DS -- Double Sparkle -- matte with sparkles
Matte - no shimmer or glitter, solid colour
Pearl -- pearly sheen 

All shadows are quite smooth and blend-able. They are all numbered rather than named (crap eh?!) Here are my swatches. (click each pic for an even closer look)

Numbers L-R: 63, 434, 376, 439, 482
With flash
Without flash

NUMBERS L-R: 420, 428, 388, 429, 457
With Flash
Without Flash

NUMBERS L-R: 360, 11, 30, 393, 51
With Flash
Without Flash

NUMBERS L-R: 407, 361, 41, 412, 474
With Flash
Without Flash

 AMC is the finish with the number here being 41.  Each pan space has its own full square magnet underneath

Size comparison to a 10c coin.

Here's a close up of the magnets which hold the lids in place and makes it possible to stick multiple palettes to eachother - very handy for travelling or make up artists.

 These pans contain 1.8g of product. They can be filled with eyeshadows, concealers, lipsticks, eyebrow shadows and waxes - or indeed a mix and match of them all.

 The new 20 round palette is €95.      The 3 round is the cheapest palette at €15.      The 10 round is €45

Contain more product - 2.7g. These palettes are just for eyeshadows

The new 20 square palette is €105 and the 10 square is €50-€55

2 square is another cheap palette at €15

 Here are some examples of eyebrow, concealer and lipstick palettes in some different sizes.

3 round is the cheapest palette and is €15  

This also is cutomisable so you can chose what ever shades you like

This palette is €36

As with the blush palette above (and all the rest of the palettes) this pallete is customisable and you can chose what shades of powder or bronzer/contour powder you want - or a mix of both.

This 4 palette is €44. It is also available as a 2 palette for around €26-€28.

Thanks for reading 

Laura  xo

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