01 November 2012

My Peter Mark & L'Oreal INOA Hair Colour Experience

Dia daoibh!

I have new hair!!! Well; not new hair, but a new colour!! Have a read of >THIS POST< to see lots of before and after pics! I visited Peter Mark Salon in the Crescent Shopping Centre where Marcella revamped my hair. She was wonderfully helpful and thorough whilst doing my hair so I highly recommend her to anyone. Here's how I went from A to D!

My hair is naturally very dark brown. I have been visiting salons and dying my own hair for years.... I'm talking about 10 years so as you can image  there was A LOT of colour build up so there were different bands of stubborn colour in my hair. I also had roots as I was purposely leaving it grow out. Although not very obvious in photos, in person I had 4 different bands of colour in my hair so obviously this was gong to cause a problem if I wanted to go lighter. It all needed to be evened out before dying so I had my hair "stripped" or "cleansed" as it's known professionally.
Marcella used a water cleanse on me. There is also a full on cleanse which can be quite damaging so she wanted to avoid this if at all possible....
All the water cleanse involved was the application of a white creme which was applied to my hair just the same as I would apply a box dye. She then worked it into my hair and rubbed it together between her hands to use heat to help it work into the hair better. This took about 40 minutes. It was then rinsed off and my hair was shampooed, conditioned and dried. I was happy to see my hair had lightened a few shades to a rather lovely colour (in pic 3 above)

There was still a weird band of dark colour in the middle of my hair so I need a second water cleanse. Sames process. She also use a small type of sponge to really work the product into the hair. This took another 40 minutes and then a repeat of wash, condition and blowdry.

Again this lightened my hair another bit and we were ready for the colour. Marcella brought out the INOA Hair Colour chart and we talked colour. She matched and showed me what colour I currently was according to the book and then showed me what my options were and what would suit me best. We decided on colour and went for it. 
The INOA Colour was applied just like any other colourant but it does different in how it's made up. Here is a bit about it. 

L'Oreal INOA - Ammonia Free, odourless permanent colour with Oil Delivery System (ODS) technology for optimised hair quality* and scalp comfort.

Unlimited colour results with beautiful condition, stunning shine and perfect coverage of up to 100% white hair.

Breakthrough ammonia-free Oil Delivery System (ODS) technology.

Consumers desiring natural shades, beautiful condition, stunning shine and perfect coverage of white hair.

Perfect coverage of up to 100% white hair.

100% ammonia-free, long-lasting, durable permanent colour.


Apart from the new colour I decided to go for a new middle parting and for the cut I got about an inch taken off and long layers around my face on both sides. My new colour is quite hard to photograph, it looks different colours in different light. The below picture proves that!
This is the lightest overall colour I have even been and I am delighted with the results. Although the who proces took...... almost 5 HOURS!!! It was definatly worth it. I have decided I am no longer going to use box dyes as I discovered they are apparently much harder to remove that salon colours. I will continue to deep condition my hair for the next while after the 2 cleanses but I do have to say, my hair was left exceptionally soft and shiney after the INOA Colouring. It's smells GORG too. I'm so happy I went to Peter Mark and huge thanks to Marcella who brought the whole look together.
What do you think of my new hair?


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