22 October 2011

MAC NW15 V NW20 Colour Comparison

Dia daoibh.

So last year I was colour matched in MAC as NW20. Grand job, bought my first bottle of Studio Fix Fluid - which I love. Since then my skin has lightened due to the fabulous weather we have been having here in Ireland lately (not). NW20 isn't very dark on me but I do notice a bit of a difference between my face and body which annoyed me. I felt I wanted it a tad lighter but felt NW15 would be to pale. So when I heard about MAC selling NW18 I thought PERFECT!! Just what I needed.

I called into MAC a few weeks ago and enquired about it. She looked at me and said lets compare the three. We did so and she recommended me to go for NW15 and that I could use bronzer if I felt I wanted more colour. She mentioned something about NW18 have a slightly different undertone??? Wha!? I dono, so I just bout the NW15.

When I got home, obviously my first instinct was to compare my new NW15 to my NW20. I couldn't get over it. They were more a less the same!! I was expecting NW15 to be much lighter as it's the lightest shade they do, but no. Have a look. NW15 is on the left of ALL photos.

Photographic Flash - Left: NW15 Right NW20

 Natural Daylight - Left: NW15   Right NW20

 Left: NW15   Right NW20
Natural Light                                                           With flash

I decided to put it on a white background to thoroughly compare. To me the NW15 looks DARKER!!
 Left: NW15   Right NW20 on both pics.

What is going on here!!? Could it be that my NW20 has faded over the 6-7 months I have it or is my NW15 just dark!? Has anyone else had the same problem??


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