12 February 2014

Wednesday Weigh In #4 - Nupo Journey

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Dia daoibh!

So I'm back with another weekly weigh in. This week I had to weigh myself on Monday as that afternoon I had my wisdom tooth extracted and presumed that I would be unable to weigh myself for a Wednesday Weigh in. So this week I am a little early but hoped that I had still lost some weight, so here we go....

This weeks weight loss was 3lbs making my total loss an even 1 stone in 3 weeks!! I was really hoping to see at least a 3lb loss this week as 1 stone is a great milestone for my Nupo Journey.

Again this week I combined my Nupo shakes with food. Like >last week< I stuck on a mainly meat and veg diet. I also tried heating up my favourite Cocoa shake for a change. It was nice for a change but I still prefer my shakes ice-cold. I've continued to have my morning and afternoon coffee with sweetener and fat free milk. I didn't exercise properly this week at all so the 3lb weight loss was diet alone,

This week I'm aiming to do another week of just shakes. As I mentioned I have had my wisdom tooth extracted so it's actually quite a convenient time to go on the meal replacement diet seeing as though I'm unable to chew at the moment!

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